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               There are so many superlative compliments that you can make about Clafoutis Bakery and Restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There is always an applaud for small family businesses that start from humble beginnings and stay that way for generations. Such is the case with Clafoutis, owned and operated by Anne Laure and Philippe Ligier. They began their culinary adventure as teenagers in eastern France quite a few years, operating restaurants and bakeries in a number of different places over the years including southern France and Albuquerque before finding their way to Santa Fe. Anne Laure has become the ultimate hostess and Philippe a true maestro of French breads and pastries. Their oldest daughter, Charlotte Kolkmeyer, has worked with mom and dad all along the way becoming the consummate manager in charge of restaurant activities and the delightful and accommodating staff.

             Everything at Clafoutis is fresh…the food, the delightful ambiance and the crisp aromas that waft through the newly designed restaurant. Friendliness is another hallmark of Clafoutis. From the warm “Bonjour” greeting from Anne Lauer as she serves up pastries, to the attentiveness of Charlotte and the occasional magic smile of Philippe as he pops out of the bakery area, the scent of friendliness mixes warmly with the remarkable tasty delights.The ultimate compliment that one can make about Clafoutis though, is that, while there is always green chile in something (which is de rigueur in Santa Fe) and the tasty Cuban sandwich on the menu, rest assured Monsieur and Madame Croque, Clafoutis is French, very, very French. A table!

The Ligier family gave us a decade of dedicated years to serving delectable desserts and daily delisciousness. Booming buisness from bustling lines gave Clafoutis a talk-of-the-town reputation where Locals  call the food, "to die for" and "worth the wait"! 

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