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This incredible story begins deep in the heart of that classic french countryside we all know and love. France natives Anne-Laure and Philippe Ligier, at only 20 years of age become ravenous and successful restaurant proprietors. Their first bakery, "La Banette" set the tone for their adventurous career and life. It was here they would lay the groundwork for a truly amazing and inspirational journey. 



It was the undeniable charm and beauty of the American southwest that captured the heart of Anne and Phillipe. Their move to the United States set the foundation for a newfound success. Nestled deep in the tranquil desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico grew a bakery that the whole city was lining up line up for.  "The French Corner" was a bakery right in the heart of the big city and it was at this bakery where the first daughter, Charlotte would take on many roles in the Ligier buisness.



It was back to France for this now family of four.  This time its was the magical and picturesque city of Aix en Provence. It was a perfect pairing with the most breathtaking views alongside melt-in-your-mouth delicacies.  Fine tuning their business craft , the Ligiers  took on the high demand of European eating hours. The hard work could not be extinguished as  this family stayed fast-on-their-feet and flourishing for another solid year. 


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The Land of Enchantment brought back the Ligier family yet again. The capital city of Santa Fe was in for a real treat when they invested in a dive of a building with a parking lot the size of the small restaurant itself. Looks do not deceive Anne-Laure, Phillipe and Charlotte however, because within months, waiting lines of hungry goers could be seen from passing roads. There was never a dull moment and happy patrons could be seen laughing in standing room only and snacking on fresh baked goods everyday of the week. Bustling lines continued at this first location for years and years and the Clafoutis name was a name known by many.  Their reputation for providing a positive eating experience that is reliable and personable is the pinnacle reason they remain Santa Fe's best eats. 




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The Ligier family gave us a decade of dedicated years to serving delectable desserts and daily delisciousness. Booming buisness from bustling lines gave Clafoutis a talk-of-the-town reputation where Locals  call the food, "to die for" and "worth the wait"! 

Still located in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, the new Clafoutis is a sight to behold. With an interior designed by Anne and Philippe themselves, the new location is bright and alive with a pristine decor. A clean and sophisticated ambiance compliments a staff that is dressed to impress. The reclaimed woodwork and slick metal accents give a real authenticity that every awesome cafe has. Clafoutis bakery and restaurant gives that unique touch everyone has grown fond of. A definite testament to the resiliency and passion that drives this family to continue to serve great food with a smile!      




The Tradition Continues

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